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Jacquelin Cangro is a seasoned developmental editor, workshop leader, and book coach. She provides guidance, inspiration, feedback, and accountability for dedicated fiction and narrative nonfiction writers. Jackie has helped dozens of gifted authors work toward their goals.

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Three Ways to Avoid Tired Body Language

It’s easy to default to a few ways to describe a character’s body language, but over a 300-page novel, the same interpretations of emotions becomes repetitive. Have you leaned on one of these phrases?

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Four Signs Your Novel’s Climax scene Needs revision

Your novel's climax scene is the BIG moment, the payoff of all that came before it. Let's give the reader what they've been waiting for. How do you know if your story's climax scene is spot on or if it needs a closer look? First, let's review the purpose of your...

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All you have to do is write one true sentence.
Write the truest sentence that you know.

Ernest Hemingway

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