One of the great things about using public transportation on my daily commute is the walk from home to the subway station. Along my half-mile route, I really get the opportunity to be part of the neighborhood, to be aware of my surroundings in a way that isn’t possible zipping by in a car at 50 miles per hour.  I love looking at  the details in the building facades and thinking about all the people who’ve walked these sidewalks before me. Maybe it’s the writerly side of me coming out!

My neighborhood, a historic brownstone district, was developed mainly between 1860-1880. Even though I walk this route every day, I’m amazed by how often I find something interesting to catch my eye.  Come along with me on my daily walk to the subway.

I love this glass canopy.

I love this glass canopy.

The Montauk Club was built as a replica of the Ca d'Oro in Venice.

The Montauk Club was built as an homage to the Ca d’Oro in Venice, Italy. (See images below.)

The Montauk Club

Another shot of the Montauk Club.
The HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” films here regularly.


Ca’ d’Oro on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

Cool pattern in this door window inlay

Isn’t this a cool pattern inlaid on this window? Reminds me of a speakeasy.

Walk 6

The different patterns and line on the front of this building always get my attention.

Walk 7

Did you notice the little envelope slots at the bottom of the door?

Walk 8

This street lamp has a cool Moroccan feel.


I always feel like…somebody’s watching me… I think this is known as a grotesque.
Anyone know?

Walk 10

Traditional Brooklyn brownstones typical of my neighborhood

Walk 11

Reggie loves this magnet, which is attached to the street lamp on our corner.

Walk 12

My favorite parts of this building are the rounded window atop the turret and the steel “arm” holding the chimney to the roof.

Walk 11


What is your commute like? Do you pass any interesting sights along the way?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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