Nature Calls: Crows

I hope to give you a new way to think about crows. Let’s start with one of the coolest discoveries: they make and use tools. Enter Betty, the New Caledonian crow.

Nature Calls: Hummingbirds

Today, we’re going from one of the largest species to one of the smallest. Don’t be fooled by their size. These charming birds are quite powerful and can do things no other bird can do. How small is small? The smallest, the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga...

The One With the Chat

It’s the chat! It’s the chat! We got the chat!”

The excitement was building in Bob’s voice with every word so that I found myself getting excited even though I couldn’t see a thing. We were a group of ten or so standing in a thicket in Central Park, binoculars trained on the trees. We had been stalking a bird the size of a grapefruit like it was Mick Jagger on tour.

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