Citizen Science. I love this! National Geographic has links to dozens of opportunities for you (and your kids) to participate in projects that help scientists answer real-world questions and gather data. Take a butterfly census. Snap photos. Collect weather data. Here are two of National Geographic’s popular citizen science projects: the Great Nature Project and FieldScope.


This week’s Modern Love column in the New York Times was touching: A 12-year-old girl’s life and love are shattered by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (including a short animation). “You are the bravest girl I know,” he whispered.

Have you ever found yourself in Funk Town (not Funky Town)? Leo from Zen Habits has some good tips to help.


Creative Nonfiction Magazine is seeking new essays about marriage (4,000 words maximum). Submit your work by August 31.


How is your summer reading going? I’m looking for a few good books.


A bit of self promotion: I’m teaching an online creative writing class called Back to Basics through The Loft Literary Center. This course will take you through each major element of creative writing to help you hone your skills. The course is eight weeks from Sept. 21 – Nov. 15. Registration is now open. (Enter early bird code EBFA15 by August 21, 2015 at checkout and receive $20 off the cost of the course.)

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Five-Star Soup Kitchen. Chef David Garcelon has prepared meals for heads of state, rock stars, and the Queen of England. He also cooks for New York’s homeless.


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