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Authorial Intrusion: Fear of Success

Have you ever daydreamed of writing a series that has touched as many people as Harry Potter? Or writing a memoir as successful as Eat, Pray, Love? I close my eyes and think about how wonderful that would be. For a moment I smile, and then something weird happens.

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Great New Books

I think the vast majority of books I've read in the past few years have come to my attention through personal recommendations. I rely on their honest opinions to help me select my next read. There are too many great new books to waste time reading bad books. One site...

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Why We Read: To Travel

My absolute favorite books–fiction or nonfiction–are ones that transport me to another place. Or another time and place. James Herriot’s Yorkshire. Ignatius J. Reilly’s New Orleans. Twain’s Mississippi.

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I’m Reading

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett




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