Introducing… Writing About Place: Five Days to Immersive Setting–A self-paced course

Without place your story is (literally) nowhere. Yet I’ve edited so many manuscripts that could take place in Atlanta or Amsterdam or Alaska with characters that could be in the parlor or the park or the playground. After teaching creative writing for a decade, I developed this course to give you the information you need in a fresh, fun way.
All of the exercises, which I call explorations, are tailored to you—your interests, your observations, and your curiosity.
You will bring all of yourself to the page and connect with your story and characters in a new way. You’ll get actionable suggestions that expand on that day’s lesson, plus feedback from me in a warm, welcoming classroom.  Best of all, you’ll start to engage with the world as a writer. 

This online course will show you how to…


⇒ eliminate meaningless words and infuse your setting with vibrant prose.

You’ll select precise descriptive details.

⇒ use characterization techniques to help define place.

Your story’s setting will feel like another character.

⇒ develop conflict and tension as part of your story’s setting.

You’ll create a setting that has context.


Five days. One hour per day. You’ll get the information you need in actionable steps to develop your story’s setting organically.

Deep Dive.

We’re covering place and setting. That’s it. You’ll get the skills you need to make the setting come alive and transport the reader.


I’ve created exercises to help you move through the world as a writer. You’ll relate to your story in new and exciting ways.

Writing About Place: Five Days to Immersive Setting



This self-paced course is now available.

You’ll receive all five lessons and explorations delivered to your inbox, so you can work through them day by day.

The lessons will be available in a downloadable PDF, including explorations designed to use your observational skills while sharpening your writing skills. They are yours to refer to again and again.


Jackie’s comments and individual communication with each student were excellent and more than I had hoped for. The writing advice, instructional material and reading material…I enjoyed everything. 

I really enjoyed Jackie’s feedback on my assignments. This course helped me build a writing routine that I was lacking and [helped me] sharpen creative writing tools. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

I have never taken a writing course that outlines the elements of creating a good piece of writing as this one does. Provocative content and reading my classmates’ work helped me to look deeper and think about my writing as well; [It was] a good learning experience.

The quality of the critiques–supportive of good work with helpful suggestions for improvement [was a highlight for me]. I loved the “image journal” practice and will make that part of my new routine!

Jackie offered fantastic feedback that helped me improve my writing at its foundation.

The readings were succinct and extremely helpful. The feedback from Jackie was fantastic and always encouraging.

Jackie Cangro is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and workshop leader. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience—in person at the College of New Rochelle and online with The Loft Literary Center and GrubStreet. She worked for Penguin Random House US and Simon and Schuster. She developed the explorations in this new course Writing About Place: Five Days to Immersive Setting as a way to get writers to connect their personal observations to their stories.

Jackie is the editor of the essay collection The Subway Chronicles: Scenes from Life in New York (Plume). Her short stories and articles have been published in numerous literary journals and magazines. She helps writers craft their work through classes, one-on-one editing, and coaching.

Writing About Place: Five Days to Immersive Setting

At the end of this course, you’ll…

  • know the right setting details to include in your story—and when to include them.
  • learn the magic of precise, concrete description.
  • present the setting and place through the eyes of your characters.
  • use the power of observation to create a nuanced and immersive setting for the reader.


This self-paced class is now available.

Register below and in just five days, you’ll be well on your way to creating immersive setting.



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