No, no, today is not Friday. (Sorry to disappoint!) It is in fact Tuesday. I’m posting on this off day because Jessica and Stephanie over at the HerStories Project published one of my essays in the HerVoices column. This essay, “Solidify,” came out of a small, but transforming experience when what started out as an everyday commute turned into an extraordinary moment. It’s about trusting your instincts, letting your guard down and harnessing the power of tenacity.

It isn’t often that I get a seat on the subway ride home from work. As luck would have it, today I am standing in front of someone who gets off at the Park Place stop in lower Manhattan. You can’t hesitate for a moment if you want to sit on a crowded train. Polite people stand a lot.

Thank you to Jessica and Stephanie for publishing “Solidify” as part of the HerVoices column. Please head over to the HerStories Project and share an extraordinary moment you had recently.

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