31 Days of Writing Inspiration Prompt: Sell It

Building on yesterday’s “Yes, and” inspiration to lean into the “yes, and…” let’s give it a try with a fun writing prompt!

This prompt is all about getting out of your own way. There’s no judgement. No one needs to read your work. (Though, if you’d like to share, please join our Slack group here.) Let the ideas flow and see where they take you. Notice if you hesitate, if your mind pokes in and stops the flow of thoughts.

Ready? Here we go!


Pretend that you are an executive at an advertising agency. It’s your job to get your colleagues excited about this new fabulous product that you’re pitching. What does this product do? What is its shape, size, and color? Who would benefit from it? Utilize all of your senses.

•Choose a number from 1-15.

•Find your number in the list below.

•Set your timer for five minutes.

•Tell us about this product. What does it do? How does it work?

Have fun!

1.Fairy Toppers2. Sackle-Pumps3. Ball of Floof4. Ear Gloss5. Can of No-Shine
6. Dental Zips7. Crawling Crisps8. Elfin Pods9. Uncle Rebo’s Nectar10. Lip Poppers
11. Open-toed Paddle Hoppers12. Gallon of Instant Jungle13. Blur-Water14. Cat Pleats15. Aerosol of Nymphs

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