Well, 2020 has felt like a marathon with a moving finish line. I usually love this time of year. The twinkle lights. The egg nog. The holiday movies I wrap myself in like a cozy blanket. But even at the end of a “normal” year, I’m often drained, running on empty and limping across the start line that is January 1.

This year, in particular, it was difficult to know what would refill the tank. My tried-and-true methods didn’t always work, and it felt like an ever-changing exploration of trying new things to recover and refocus on my writing. Some years, it’s well into February before I get back into the groove. Who knows what early 2021 will bring!

Each January, I put together a little package of inspirations to help me stay connected to my writing process and reinforce my commitment to my projects. I wasn’t sure if I was going to send 31 Days of Inspiration for 2021, but I realize that we need it now more than ever! I hope you will be interested in joining me.


31 Days of Writing Inspiration is a gentle, friendly reminder of your commitment to your writing practice right in your inbox. I designed it to deliver meaningful bite-size boosts to help you stay on track. It’s become an annual tradition!

Every day throughout January, you’ll receive a message from me. At the end of each email, you’ll find links to the messages that came before. If you miss one, or want to revisit one of your favorites, this list makes it easy to go back.

This program is designed to connect you to your creativity on a deep, personal level. I’ve never believed that inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt and suddenly—poof!—you’re in the flow. Nor is it a muse who bestows her gifts of inspiration on some and leaves others to founder. Inspiration is simply connection. It’s connection through:

  • Paying attention to the ordinary and extraordinary
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Allowing space

Join me…it’s free!

Most of us need a little jump-start in January, and especially this January! We feel depleted and worried, and everything feels hard, hard, hard. And the days are short and cold. Let these inspirations lay the foundation for a solid writing practice in 2021.

Each day will have a different inspiration. Sometimes a quote; sometimes a link to an encouraging video; sometimes a short writing exploration; sometimes a short note to bolster your connections to the world around you.


Q: When do I receive my first inspiration? January 1. Or if you sign up after January 1, the next day. if you join sometime in January, you’ll find links to all previous messages in that first email.

Q: How much is this program? It is FREE. Really.

Q: I loved 31 Days of Writing Inspiration last year. Is this all the same inspirations?  Thank you! This year, I’ll be sharing a few of the all-time favorite inspirations from the past few years along with new ones, and special messages from me.

Q: Is there a deadline to join? No. I recommend joining as soon as possible so you can take full advantage of building this foundation, but join any time until January 31 and still be able to catch up with all 31 inspirations.

Q: Do I need a special login or password? Nope. You’ll receive the inspirations in your inbox each morning. Be sure to check your spam folder or the promotions tab in your inbox.

Q: Will the writing inspirations be posted to your blog? The only way to get them is through the opt in form below.

Q: Can I send 31 Days of Writing Inspiration to a friend? Absolutely! This link will take them to the sign-up form so they can receive the messages in their inbox.

Q: I already get your creative writing newsletter. Do I need to sign up? Thank you! I am asking people who want to receive 31 Days of Writing Inspiration to opt in. Just click the link below and you’ll be well on your way.

Sign up!

If you can’t see or click on the “Sign Up” button above, please click here to join.

I’m looking forward to going on this journey with you, day by day!

Enjoy these daily doses of inspiration throughout January. Gentle reminders and joyful recommendations will guide you through the month with wonder and simplicity.

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