Kind Words

As a manuscript editor and creative writing workshop instructor, I am proud to have a growing list of satisfied writers.

What Writers Are Saying:

  • Jackie’s not just a writer or editor. She’s a reader. And the sort of reader who reminds a writer that his duty is to the reader first and to his own hangups and sacred moo-cows second. She knows that stories have starts and ends and the good ones have peaks and valleys and buckets of conflict. She also gives it to you straight–without making you feel like a complete idiot…Every writer should be lucky enough to have someone like her around.~Ken Wheaton, author of The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival
  • You were clear on the corrections and explanations.  The description tags were so helpful and cleared up a lot of possible confusion; thank you because you did not have to do that.  You did a wonderful and meticulous job.  Money well spent and earned by you.  I learned some English along the way!~Doug Howery, author of The Grass Sweeper God
  • Jackie Cangro is more than just an editor; she is an inspiration and a push to see a story through to the end. Her comments on the draft of my first novel were detailed and informative, and I now have a clear map of how to forge ahead. I would recommend her to a writer at any stage in the process.~Adrienne Oliver, developmental editing client,
  • I got lucky when Jackie agreed to be my editor. She was extremely positive with her suggestions and always available for my questions. I would highly recommend her to any writer who wants their work to be the best possible.~Carol Fricke, developmental editing client

What Students Are Saying:

  • The highlights for me were the practical writing prompts. I’ve started writing my first short story. This class has given me the tools to know how to being the process and the confidence to try.
  • The quality of the critiques — supportive of good work with helpful suggestions for improvement. I loved the image journal practice and will make that part of my new routine!
  • I have never taken a writing class that outlines the elements of creating a good piece of writing as this one does; provocative content helped me to look deeper and think about my writing; a good learning experience.
  • Jacquelin offered fantastic feedback that helped me improve my writing at its foundation.
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So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.

Dr. Seuss

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