This is the last day! Have you made your guess yet?

I am…somewhere. It’s up to you to guess where. I’ll post three clues and each day you can post your guess in the comments. Your guess will count toward a donation to a local charitable organization. Last time I ran a Where in the World Am I, it was so much fun to read all of your guesses, so without further ado…

Clue # 3:

There’s so much good music in this city! 


For each comment posted between now and next Friday, I’ll donate to a local charity (which I’ll reveal on April 24th because the organization is so closely tied to the city). Next week, I’ll let you know where I am, who guessed correctly, and the charity.

Guess away in the comments below! (One guess per day, please.)

Check here for clue # 1.

Check here for clue # 2. 

Have a great week, everyone! I know I will. 

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