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Writing About Place: Five Days to Immersive Setting

Setting and place serve an important function in your story. I’ve often edited stories that are disconnected from the location and time period. Sometimes the characters aimlessly move from place to place. Think about how setting plays a role in your own life. It shapes everything about you—your perspective, your outlook, your relationships. It does the same for your characters.

After teaching creative writing for a decade, I developed this course to give you the information you need in a fresh, fun way. All of the exercises, which I call explorations, are tailored to you—your interests, your observations, and your curiosity.

This class is:

  • Concise. Five days. One hour per day. You’ll get the information you need in actionable steps to develop your story’s setting organically.
  • A Deep Dive. We’re covering place and setting. That’s it. You’ll get the skills you need to make the setting come alive and transport the reader.
  • Connection. I’ve created exercises to help you relate to your story in new and exciting ways.

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